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Tamara Atanasoska: My first GNOME – GSoC post!


I am very excited to be a part of this program! It is such a wonderful chance to extend my programing skills and to gain some real world experience.

I initially applied for GNOME Women Outreach Program and my mentor, Johannes Schmid, encouraged me to apply for Google Summer of Code, so I did. My initial contribution was a patch that fixed the problem for the tree not updating after operations done trough the git plugin without the need to fold and unfold the tree. I solved the problem in the simplest way possible, so of course there is a better and a cleaner solution, so with the help of my mentor I am working towards it. Also, I am working at this moment on a similar solution for the subversion plug-in. This patch is for Anjuta which is an IDE which features you can explore here.

As my GSoC proposal says, I will be focusing during official coding time on making Anjuta faster to operate if keyboard is used. Because a lot of developers actually use the keyboard more than they use the mouse; also my research before taking this project returned positive results that they are bothered by this, I hope I make Anjuta more appealing and useful to developers.

As this is my first blog, I can promise many more which will follow my progress trough GSoC, and hopefully serve as reference to future contributors, and also maybe as a motivation to get involved in the community.

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